What is Sick PDX Events?

This is a weekly newsletter written by Elias Jackson that brings you a curated list of the best music, art, and other events going on in Portland, from DIY to large arenas.

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How do you select the events?

All of the events you see here are hand-picked based on what my friends and affiliates are promoting and attending. I love the scene in Portland and am always going to metal shows, hardcore shows, DIY events, goth clubs, raves, art markets, house parties, and more. Every Sunday I go through a list of my favorite venues/artists/promoters and check their webpages to see what they have going on.

I do not accept event submissions unless they are from my friends and affiliates that I already reach out to on a regular basis. As much as Id love to support everything going on in the city, theres only so much I can write about without detracting from the curated aspect of this publication.

That said, if you know me well and theres an upcoming event that might suit my interests, feel free to DM me on Instagram @elias.jackson2!

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